Central America : The Breakdown

Below you will find my breakdown regarding my recent trip to Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama, this includes approximate prices, favourite moments and a general once over of everything about the amazing time I’ve spent there.

Our Journey

Our Journey

Flights: £450 return from London Heathrow – New York – Miami – Nicaragua


Panama City – Miami – New York – London Heathrow

Hostels and Hotels: Approx £250 (not including the Trump, which Lauren paid for, thank you SO much for that.)

Food: Some as cheap as you like it for only a few dollars, some, ridiculously expensive. I’m looking at you, Costa Rica.

Drink: Same, as cheap as you like it (beer and rum) otherwise it got expensive for cocktails and wine

Activities and tours: £150 approx

Transportation: $150 approx



A night in New York:

Taxi (to and from the airport) : $60 (My Taxi Driver was awesome, he showed me around Brooklyn and the Bronx before driving me into Manhattan and showing me the sights before coming back for me to make sure I got back to the airport okay at 1am)

Cheesecake: $12

Coffee: $4

Shameless selfies of myself: Priceless




Highlights: Climbing that Volcano for 9 hours, despite my fear of climbing and having asthma attack half way up stuck in the middle of the jungle, I done it, I was so proud of us (I still am). But being surrounded by the thick jungle, monkeys above us, vines hanging all around us, clambering up rocks, traversing landslides, all in the name of fun – it was awesome (now I know I survived).

Top of the Volcano

Top of the Volcano

Visiting the Tropical Islands that surround the main islands of Bocas Del Toro – Tropical paradise



Staying at Casa De Olas, that place still has my heart; Sunday Funday was absolutely brilliant especially spending it in the company of legends.

Eli’s 30th birthday out and about in San Juan Del Sur, Salsa dancing, twerk circles and more rum than you can imagine possibly drinking.

Eli's 30th

Eli’s 30th

Seeing the biggest moon I have ever seen rising from behind the volcanoes on the mysterious and beautiful Island of Ometepe.


Heading to Ometepe

Heading to Ometepe

Fails: Having my card blocked from my bank four times whilst away, Natwest, you are horrendous.

Not getting to surf

Getting duped by taxi drivers in San Jose, actually, everything about San Jose.

Not spending enough time in Costa Rica, due to Nicaragua being awesome.


Favourite Country: I honestly can’t choose I loved something about all of the countries:

Nicaragua – How friendly everyone was there, the Volcanoes, the jungle, the wild ocean and untouched landscapes

Colours of Nicaragua

Colours of Nicaragua

Costa Rica – I’ve never been to a place that felt so much like an ecological haven, everything (outside San Jose) smelt fresh and thriving with life.

Arriving in Costa Rica with Lauren and Marjan

Arriving in Costa Rica with Lauren and Marjan

Panama – The tropical islands, the good vibes and Panama City which was simply stunning.

Favourite Eats: Between Ceviche and Lobster

Favourite Drink: Flor de Cana rum in Nicaragua and the coffee all over

Funniest Story: The one with Buzz (the monkey) breaking into the rooms of the Hostel and having the time of her life. That one isn’t for repeat on this blog.

Worst Moment: Being taken for a ride in San Jose from one of the worst taxi drivers I have ever dealt with.

 End Note:

A massive note to the most amazing people I met whilst in Central America, but, especially the Casa Crew: Marjan, Patrick, Eli, Ewout, A.J, Charlie, Kasper, Hanna, Mike, Edward, Richard; you guys f**king rock. Not forgetting, Lauren, my travel buddy, for over 2000km, three countries in three weeks, together we climbed one volcano, learnt how to speak to Howler Monkeys, avoided spiders and snakes, kayaked round Ometepe, drank a lot of rum, salsa’d the night away, shared a night bus from hell, played on an actual remote tropical island, we laughed, stressed, laughed some more and made a ton of shared memories. I love you, lady. You’re the yin to my yang; I’m looking forward to our next adventure together.

Flying home

Flying home


If you liked this post then feel free to comment, you don’t need a wordpress account to spread the love, people. I’m also on Twitter and Instagram if you’d care to join in the fun. Thanks for reading my adventures through Central America, it was an absolute blast; coming up next… The lost weekend in Amsterdam.



11 thoughts on “Central America : The Breakdown

  1. thetravellush says:

    I’m so glad to hear that you are such a fan of Nicaragua. It’s one of my all-time favorite countries. I was flying from Colombia back to California the other day and I could see the volcano on Isla Ometepe from the plane. It was so beautiful!!

    • hanwanderlust says:

      It’s such an amazing country isn’t it?! I really loved it there. California? Have you finished with South America? I’ve loved reading about Colombia, there are direct flights there from London now; it’s all too tempting!

      • thetravellush says:

        Such a great country. I’ve always wanted to go back to Nicaragua, but I haven’t had the chance yet. I highly recommend Colombia. Definitely go when you have the chance. I loved everything about it but there is SO much that I didn’t get to see and do. Yes, my trip was cut very short because I’m moving to Indonesia in a couple weeks! It was a VERY sudden change of plans!

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