Trump Hotel – Say whhhhat?!

A few days before leaving Bocas Del Toro Lauren, (being the best travel companion a girl could wish for), suggested that we spend our last night in Central America in luxury, in a proper hotel so we could have a proper wash, a proper sleep and a kick ass meal to end our trip in style, we decided that there’s no better to do that than Trump Hotel, Panama City (hello!). Lauren was right after our night bus trip down from Bocas Del Toro we needed to have a decent place to lay our heads.


Trump Ocean Club Panama (Official Photo)

Due to the scheduling (of anything) in Central America being ever so slightly off schedule we arrived in Panama City much earlier than anticipated, before dawn had broken and hours before our original check in time. Lauren and I thought we’d try our luck in getting into the Trump Hotel anyway, we’d been mostly lucky throughout the trip (bar San Jose, the horrific place) and surprisingly enough, our luck was still running strong we were allowed access to the beautiful Trump Hotel. We arrived at hotel, and stood in awe as the concierge took our backpacks which we had lugged 1654km across the bottom half of Central America out of the taxi and happily carted them into the building for us. The Trump Hotel seemed to bend over backwards for their guests especially as we were given a room six hours before check-in, basically allowing us to grab an extra nights sleep.

The view from our room

The view from our room

When we were shown our room in the beautiful hotel I could have cried, two double beds with duvets (duvets!), with big fluffy pillows, a bath and a hot shower. All things that you miss when you’re without them, I felt like a kid at Christmas. I leapt onto the bed and snuggled deep into the pillows and drifted into a sleep where I forgot that we were leaving this beautiful part of the world within 24 hours.

After Hostel life - This is heaven

After Hostel life – This is heaven

Upon waking Lauren and I found ourselves at the pool, catching the last bits of the Central American sunshine, the infinity pool stretched out looking over the ocean with Panama City to the left of us and Central America behind us. It was the perfect place to chill out and reflect about where we’d been, the people we had met and the hilarious stories that we had collected from over the course of our time there.


Perfect kind of day

Perfect kind of day

Can you tell that I couldn't get enough of this pool?

Can you tell that I couldn’t get enough of this pool?

However, there was still one thing we had left to do, we were still to explore Panama City…

 Note: I’d like to thank Lauren for our stay at The Trump Hotel in Panama City, it was amazing. Lots of love, always.


4 thoughts on “Trump Hotel – Say whhhhat?!

  1. gtduo says:

    Awesome! I’m planning to live in Panama, specifically, Bocas Del Toro, for a few months at the end of the year! Might have to check out the Trump hotel 🙂

    • hanwanderlust says:

      Awesome! I’d love to live in Bocas, it was one of my most favourite places I have been to.
      You should check out the Trump Hotel, it was amazing, that pool could keep me happy for days. 🙂

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