Near Death on Magnetic Island

“Are you SURE you can drive stick?” I asked my Dutch friend, Shannon for the fifth time as we climbed across the steep, dusty mountain track back to our little pink “Barbie Car” which was parked perilously on top of a mountain on the tropical paradise that is Magnetic Island, “OF COURSE, don’t you trust me?” Shannon replied with a cheeky smile on her face; how could I say to my friend that the thought of getting into a car with her driving filled me with a certain dread that I normally only feel when I consider swimming with sharks or plummeting to my early death on a bungy – That feeling that you’re sure you’ll be fine, but you know, it’s a pretty risky choice. But like most stupid things in my life I did it anyway. Continue reading


We’re all going on a Summer Holiday

Is there anything better than the start of summer?! I honestly love it, the long, warm summer days, lazing at the beach or by the river, the sounds of nature starting to spark from the trees and undergrowth. As the warmth of summer spreads its arms across Europe, us Brits seek to follow the warm rays and days on beaches that scatter across the coastlines, we flock in thousands to far flung places, travelling on average 2,743 miles to reach our destinations of choice, where we eat, drink and play away from the responsibilities of home. Continue reading

Farm Work in Australia

The tears sparked in my eyes as I bent down, whilst pain shot up from my knees, burning like electricity in my nerves. I screamed internally, as I reached for the blueberries on the bottom of the bushes; my hands and knees covered in mud, my back weighed down, my body under an amount of pain that I couldn’t think possible and all in 40 Degree heat in the tunnels. People were passing out left and right, I believe eight people passing out in one day was the highest, from lack of water, being overworked, not enough break time all whilst in the burning heat of Blueberry tunnels. Each bit of pain, each spider bite, each second you wanted to throw the buckets down and walk off, every single f**king berry picked all went towards one thing – Gaining a Second Year Visa in Australia. Continue reading

A year in Australia, An overview.

[Disclaimer, I know I haven’t actually sat down and written for the blog for many months now, I found that I lost creativity in the semi-mundane life on the farm. Much of what happened over the course of the past year, from Winter in Tropical North Queensland to Spring on the East Coast and Summer back in Melbourne has yet to be documented. I’ve got my creative bone back though and stories from these lost months will be surfacing].

So It Starts…

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