Finding my bliss in Bocas

Imagine, if you would, paradise.

A remote tropical island, surrounded by turquoise water, lush jungle piled up high on the hill tops, cascading down to the beach, where the foliage changes to palm trees, leaning down onto golden sand which melted into the ocean. This place is remote, bar a few visitors, no restaurants, no bars, and no boutique beach huts to stay in. You make your own entertainment, your own music, you fill your hours concentrating on yourself and who you’re with, it’s pure, untouched and has a wild beauty about it.


Perfect Beach

This is the exact place I visited off of the main island (Isla Colon) in Bocas Del Toro; myself, Lauren and two travelling pals we made (Gary and Daemon) went on a Boat Trip away from the main island, a day spent on a speed boat; cruising past floating islands, fauna growing from the water housing sloths, and a variety of birds. We swept into a bay half hour outside Isla Colon to find we were surrounded by Dolphins, playing in the jet stream behind our boat; dolphins are there day in – day out due to the excellent feeding there. Despite seeing Dolphins often on boat trips, there was nothing less special about this trip, watching the bottlenose Dolphins jumping and playing helped the rum hangover I was suffering from disappear.


Daemon feeling sorry for himself.

Daemon feeling sorry for himself.


Boat trip

Boat trip

It was after we left the Dolphin Bay towards what appeared to be Open Ocean when heaven morphed into the distance, the Island, a spot on the horizon grew larger, until we were within swimming distance. Here, here was where we were to spend the afternoon.

Once the boat docked upon the beach the four of us hopped off the boat, along with a supply of treats to enjoy and strolled along the palm tree covered path, towards a beautiful stretch of sand facing out to the crystal clear turquoise ocean. We sat for hours, talking, often answering to the call of the ocean and going into the idealistic water – there was a jet stream just off of the beach which went clockwise around the island, making for a natural lazy river. Further off, past the Jetstream the wild sea met the calmer warmer water over rocks and made the most amazing wave breaks I have ever seen; I wish I could say how many feet high they were, but I wouldn’t want to misinform you, what I can say was that they were massive, with every crash the thunderous sound carried over to our perfect beach.

Blissed out in Bocas

Blissed out in Bocas.


This is my idea of perfection

This is my idea of perfection

I’ve mentioned before how I am obsessed with Tropical Islands, they are where my soul belongs. This island was different; this place set my heart free. I found my bliss nestled an hour outside the main islands.

The trip cost about $30 in total, but didn’t include lunch – to eat you get dropped off at an overpriced restaurant, on its own island; so overpriced that the four of us shared two dishes – you also get to go snorkelling, however, where we were offered to snorkel provided no ocean life, the coral was dead, the fish, scarce. However, if you get a chance to do this trip, you must, must, must do it. To see my version of heaven, to have it under your feet and in front of your eyes; it can’t be missed. My words can’t do it justice, so please, enjoy the photos.

photo 3

This ocean was amazing.

photo 2

My idea of perfection


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