Two Time UK Top Travel Blogger

Excuse me whilst I write this post as a huge bragging point of contact; but I’m incredibly proud of myself and my little Travel Blog. You see, at the end of last year I got a very exciting email from Discount my Flights stating that they were considering me as one of the UK’s top Travel Bloggers to read in 2015. Naturally I was excited, Maybe I was too optimistic, but, you must understand that this site is my baby, it has been built by my own hands from my first two solid readers to the thousands that read my posts these days. All of this has all been propelled by my adventures around the globe and my absolute passion in Travel Writing with a sprinkling of photography. It’s been my ultimate goal to make my name in Travel Writing, Travel Journalism or any sector that comes before and branches off from these careers, so to have any kind of recognition for my writing is just a wonderful feeling.

Last year I had previously been voted and was named as one of the Top 50 UK Travel Bloggers to read by World First Travel Insurance in 2015; The thought of being chosen as one of the UK’s top Travel Bloggers for the second year in the row didn’t seem like it could possibly be real? The months passed without a word and to tell you the truth, my optimism had evaporated and was replaced by a sliver of doubt that maybe I didn’t make the cut.

That was until I woke one morning to an email from Discount my Flights, bleary eyed I opened up the email, there in front of my sleep heavy eyes were the words “Congratulations, Hannah on your blog” and a link leading to an article on their site, clicking the link I read the title of the post ‘Top Travel Bloggers in the UK’, I scrolled down the talented list of Travel Bloggers until I reached ‘H’ and there it was,, standing amongst my Travel Writer idols in the list of Kick Ass  UK Travel Bloggers.

It took a while for it to sink in how I could have made it onto a list like this, especially with the likes of Girl Tweets World and Budget Traveller, I couldn’t wipe the smile from my face, I felt so incredibly proud that I could have been chosen in the same category as my favourite writers, professionals, travellers.

I just want to thank Discount My Flights for this massive honour. Especially since I had noticed a huge drop in my posting styles on this site, namely, there weren’t any new posts for a long time. Due to living life out on a farm in the outback for a huge part of the year, but I’m back and in full swing for 2016.

So, What Now?

So what can you expect from Hanwanderlust in 2016? Firstly, a lot more posts and Social Media Interaction, specifically in the Working Holiday sector. I’ve got a huge project in the making at the moment regarding Working Holidays in Australia; there’s more to this to explain, but this isn’t the time right now.

As for travel in 2016, I’ve already been back to Thailand this year, I’m planning on an extended trip to Tasmania over the winter and New Zealand where I’m hoping to get my snow covered mountains fix, from then I’m unsure about where I will end up.  One thing that I do know for certain is that I’m going to be writing a lot more than I have been previously.


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