Ometepe: Heading to the mysterious Island


Eyes heavy, body aching from travelling for two days, the lack of sleep which once infected my body with delirious happiness had moved onto lead like heaviness. Still, we were in Granada, and determined to enjoy it and at least have a drink before we passed out. After dinner we dragged our zombiesque bodies to the ‘Imagine’ bar situated smack bang in the middle of Granada. This bar was pretty damn cool, dedicated to The Beatles and John Lennon, with nothing but the smooth sounds of The Beatles escaping from the jukebox, I should’ve been in musical heaven, but even George’s amazing guitar skills couldn’t pull me out of my jetlagged haze.


We plonked ourselves down at the bar and ordered a couple of cocktails, thinking if a mojito didn’t wake me up, nothing would. Lauren and I must have looked like a complete state because the lady working behind the bar (Laurena) asked if we were okay before telling us that more cocktails would make it better; we declined (I know!) stating her that we had to have a chilled night due to going to Ometepe (the volcanic Island) the next day. Laurenas eyes lit up and sparkled like wild when we mentioned ‘Ometepe’, she said in whispered breath about how Ometepe was an incredibly mysterious Island with an energy within it that pulsated throughout the island with a force that you could feel it moving beneath you. Laurena told us that the whole place had a mystical feel about it, clouded deep in history and legend from up the top of the volcanoes to below in the rainforest. Hiding at night in her room she could feel Ometepe’s magic all around her, from the wild calls of the Howler Monkeys to the hearing the “call of the mermaids” from the waves on the windy side of the Island.Β Laurenas passion for Ometepe was infectious, by the time Lauren and I dragged our fatigued bodies away from the bar Laurenas stories were echoing in our ears, we were as excited about going to Ometepe as our bodies allowed us to be.


Lauren and I awoke refreshed, by this point we were itching to get to this beautiful island, Laurenas passionate tale of this alluring island made it seem so mysterious and exciting; on top of that both of us were dying to try our hand at climbing one of its beautiful Volcanoes. We had a few hours before we left so we killed time in our beautiful hostel where we met a lovely girl called Maggie, also heading to Omepetepe unknown to me at the time, she’d end up being my saviour, but more on this in the next post. We all decided to travel there together and stay in the same hostel, the morning slipped away and before we knew it we were saying goodbye to the beautiful Granada and had found ourselves on deckchairs on a boat sailing four hours towards Ometepe; this might seem like a long route, if you have the option to do this I highly recommend it instead of going from Granada to San Jorge then getting the shorter boat journey, it was highly enjoyable. We chilled out on the boat, reading, talking and laughing as we cruised over to Ometepe, the late afternoon sun dipped down low and turned the sky and sea golden; sailing towards the shadow of two giant volcanoes as the sun was going down certainly felt like we were heading into a mysterious land.




Upon landing on the island the three of us clambered into a taxi with our bags and flew across the island towards our hostel (Finca Mystica), we were laughing and joking with the taxi driver over a couple of cervezas, when he stopped suddenly and pointed to something out of the window; then we saw it, rising from behind a volcano was the biggest moon I’ve ever, ever seen, not only that, it was blood red. At that point I felt that familiar feeling of travelling euphoria rise up from within me and course through my body, maybe this Island was mystical after all. Β 

Coming up next: The day I almost died


10 thoughts on “Ometepe: Heading to the mysterious Island

  1. thetravellush says:

    I love Nicaragua and Ometepe is such an amazing place! And it’s so awesome that you were able to witness the volcano during the blood moon. It’s moments like those that make traveling unforgettable! I can’t wait to read more about your adventures πŸ™‚

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