Me, being a travel blogger

Me, being a travel blogger

Hanwanderlust: Hannah; 29, originally from Essex, England

Hello, so after years, and years, and years of putting it off, I have finally succumb to my wanderlust, that irresistible urge to travel the world, to see new horizons, to meet new people and to experience as much as I possibly can. I have dreamt of travel ever since I can remember, although it has only been over the past few years that I have found my backpacking roots and have started to really explore the world.

I have been lucky enough to come from a family who love to travel far and wide, although my adventures never went past holiday mode until a few years ago when I first travelled solo throughout Thailand in 2013. I have a deep set love for Thailand, it’s the country I’ve always dreamt of visiting, it’s the country where I found my feet for the first time. On my adventure through The Land of Smiles I headed South to Island hop, I went to this little island in the Gulf called Koh Tao for a few days, I must have only been there for a day before I realised that Koh Tao was exactly where I wanted to be, where I needed to be. So, I flew home, quit my job and my life and flew out there to live on The Rock for a while, it was the best time of my life. Unfortunately, all good things have to come to an end (so I thought). So, I headed home, back to Essex where I got a good job in London and started working towards ‘settling down’ with my life. (I have some pretty strong feelings about ‘Settling’ please read below).

There was only one thing, the world hadn’t finished with me, my wanderlust was growing daily instead of shrinking away. To try and cure my itchy feet I backpacked with a friend through Central America in April 2014, we explored tropical beaches, got lost in jungles, climbed volcanoes, kayaked shark infested lakes and danced through the Caribbean Vibe. It was an amazing trip that ultimately changed my way of thinking, you see, it was on that flight back to London that I knew, I had to answer my calling in life and that calling was to take me across the world.

Great escapes

Great escapes

I chose to not ignore my desire for long-term travel any more, so, immediately after coming home I applied for a Working Holiday Visa in Australia, with a month back in Thailand before hand for good measure, I quit my job to travel and I am currently waiting to leave England for who knows how long on the trip of my lifetime. I know I will be based in Melbourne, but my travelling calls will not go ignored, from January 2015, my life will be set around my two passions, travel and writing. I really hope you will join in on my journey, it’s going to be a blast.


Why I won’t settle for a life half-lived

I often thought (as many people do) that in my late twenties it was too late to leave the 9-5 job, thoughts danced about in my head, questioning my decision to leave England on an extended adventure, “shouldn’t you settle down?” “What about a house?” “A relationship?” my mind pressured me over and over, until I forced myself to STOP, I realised that if I were to carry on the way my life was going I would be settling, and the worst part about ‘Settling down’ is having to settle. So, I’ve decided that I will not settle for anything other than outstanding. I will follow my dreams, I will live my life the way that I have always wanted, I will follow my restless feet and one day, when it comes to telling my story, I will know that my life had been followed the only way I saw fit, it might not fit into the suburban norms from where I live, but then again, neither do I. It’s never too late, there’s always a time to follow what you have always dreamed, it might not be the same as other peoples paths, but that’s what makes it special. It’s yours, colour your life in whatever colour you see fit.




15 thoughts on “About

  1. Suzanne Maggi says:

    Hi Hannah, my father (Bud) and I have really enjoyed reading your blog and your tribute to Amy. We share in sending her our love for her 90th and hope to see you all soon.


  2. Susan Xu says:

    Hi Hannah,

    My name is Susan Xu and I am the content manager and chief writer at Clapway, a New York based multi-platform company that houses an extensive collection of articles, videos, and marketplace services with a focus on adventure and travel. I came across your travel blog and really enjoyed your posts. Would you potentially be interested in writing for Clapway as a contributor? If so, please email me back at sx@clapway.com. We would love to feature your work.


    Susan Xu
    Content Manager at Clapway
    195 Plymouth St #6/17
    Brooklyn, NY 11201

  3. Sally says:

    Is Essex empty? I have met so many Essex people in SE Asia, you can not really miss us with these accents. Safe travels I bet you are so excited right now πŸ™‚

  4. Angeelika says:

    Hi Hanna, I randomly discovered your blog. I’m also Melbourne based and I recently started travel blog as well and planning to do some traveling soon in Asia. If you think you need a travel mate, feel free to email me, justtravelabit@gmail.com

  5. simoneclement says:


    My name is Simone and I am also a travel blogger. I noticed you received an offer to write for Clapway.com….did you accept? I received the exact same offer and I am wondering what your experience with it was.


    • hanwanderlust says:

      Hi Simone! I did accept and currently still write for them, they’re a good company but I’m unfortunately yet to be paid for my articles, so it’ll be a labour of love I guess for the time being. πŸ™‚

  6. Kate says:

    Hi Hannah, Sasha showed me your blog it’s amazing πŸ™‚ I know exactly how you felt when you came home after being away. I went around the world 5 years ago, and have never stopped thinking about it since so I’m flying to Bangkok in June and staying in South East Asia for around 3/4 months before moving to Melbourne. Could you recommend any packing tips for Asia? I feel like I’m going to overpack! Kate x

    • hanwanderlust says:

      Hey Kate, thank you so much that’s so nice of you. πŸ™‚ So exciting! Are you coming to Aus on a working holiday as well? When I pack for Asia I always pack a few light things like Thin light trousers/maxi skirt for the temples, a couple of camis and a few tops etc. Then I’d try and keep the rest down as much as possible so a few dresses that can be day/evening wear and some shorts. I packed so many pharmaceutical items that weighed a ton before I went this time but honestly you can pick it all up in Thailand if you get sick, just need to pack some painkillers and antihistamines.

      I always overpack, but if you just try and keep the items as light as possible then you’ll be fine. I miss Thailand so much, I wish I was heading there, you’re going to have the best time.

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