5 Best places around the world to spend Easter

Happy Easter everyone!

Wayhey! It’s the long weekend that we’ve all been waiting for! Easter, four beautiful days off, four days that you can spend with your friends and family, eating chocolate, chilling out or utilizing the days and travelling. It’s the perfect excuse to get away somewhere wonderful and enjoy the holiday in another country, so where is there to go over Easter? Well here are my top five places around the world to spend your Easter weekend:

  • Rome/Vatican City

Roma! Rome’s always a good idea, history, culture, food, but over Easter you should head to the wonderful Italy, specifically to the Vatican City where you can attend the Easter Mass held by the Pope. You have to apply for your tickets 4-6 months in advance, but they’re totally free so get on board and go experience Easter, sans the chocolate. After the service you’re still in Rome so head out and explore the ancient city!

Pope-in' around

Pope-in’ around

  • Bruges, Belgium

Belgium Chocolate, need I say more? Okay, Okay, there’s more reason to visit Belgium than chocolate, it’s a ridiculously pretty country full of friendly people and amazing architecture, if you like wooden rickety houses, which I do. But if you’re a chocolate lover then definitely head over to Belgium, it’s world renowned for being absolutely amazing, so go, get your fill!

Belgium Chocolate, need I say more?!

Belgium Chocolate, need I say more?!

  • Cocoa Plantations, Costa Rica

Costa Rica is an absolutely stunning country, I’d recommend anyone goes there any time (just avoid San Jose), but over easter what’s better than going to a Cocoa Plantation and seeing how chocolate is produced for the masses, you get to see it and taste it in it’s rawest form (Raw Chocolate from the bean is bitter happiness, I love it). Once you’re finished experiencing the Cocoa plantations then there’s a wealth of things you can do in Costa Rica, visit jungles, climb volcanoes, bathe in hot springs, go surfing, anything you like. Just remember, avoid San Jose.

  • Okunoshima (Rabbit Island, Japan)

Seriously, I can’t even believe that this place is real! Okunoshima in Japan is more commonly known as Rabbit Island, it’s covered, quite literally in Rabbits. They’re tame and will approach humans, I honestly can’t think of anything better than playing with a ton of rabbits over Easter, if you go please send photos!

Is this place even real?!

Heaven is rabbit island!

  • Amsterdam, Netherlands

I love Amsterdam, it’s my favourite city that I’ve visited so far, and not just for the sex shows, it’s so pretty there with a ton to offer in the Spring Time, go to one of the many chocolate emporiums. Get yourself some chocolate flavour liqueur and get started on one of the best nights out you will have in Europe. I’ve had lost weekends in the city, but I know that they’ve been some of the best nights of my life, use the bank holiday to nurse your hangover, you’ll need these extra days to get over Amsterdam.

Comment, Share, Love

Where’s your favourite place to spend Easter? Have you ever been to any of these places? What one has been your favourite so far? Share your comments below, I love sharing travel experiences. You can also find me over on Instagram where I post photos from my new life in Australia and over on Twitter where I babble a lot about travel related happiness. Happy Easter, Everyone. I hope that your hot crossed buns are extra buttery and you eat an excessive amount of chocolate. Much love, Hannah. xo


5 thoughts on “5 Best places around the world to spend Easter

  1. this abundant life says:

    I went to Bruge last year at this time and absolutely loved it! Also just got back from Costa Rica a couple weeks ago and had an amazing time. I totally agree with most of your list (I haven’t been to Japan so I can’t say for sure, but your other selections make me think you have great taste in travel destinations 🙂

    • hanwanderlust says:

      Isn’t it an amazing city?! I love it there so much. Also Costa Rica is amazing, where did you go? I didn’t spend nearly as much time there as I wanted to but it just means I’ll have to go back. 🙂 Happy Easter!

      • this abundant life says:

        We spent a week near a small town called Nuevo Arenal, about 30 minutes from the Arenal Volcano, followed by a few days in Monteverde and a few more days in Manuel Antonio. It was a great spring break trip.

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