Melbourne the photo essay | Months one and two

I’ve officially been in Melbourne for two whole months now, it’s been a rollercoaster for sure, but despite everything, I have grown to really love this city for all of its quirks, its crazy people, its beaches, or lack of, the alleyway bars and cafes, the view from Shrine of Remembrance which gets me every time… I love it all and will be sad to say goodbye to the city when I leave for Alice Springs.

Anyway, enough of that, you’re here to see Melbourne so enjoy!

It’s been a crazy two months, Melbs. Let’s make the next few even better?!

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Where have you been over the past few months? Have your travels been easy or lined with troubles, which we all know make the good times even better. Let me know below, I love talking to people about travelling. You can also find me over on Twitter for travel chats or Instagram for daily Australia Photos. You can also join me on my travels below (points down) to the follow me button where you can get my posts delivered right to your email, wouldn’t that be wonderful?!


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