Putting on The Ritz and Leaving Melbourne

Melbourne was always a place that I had pictured myself living for a while, my pinterest page is full of moodboards on the city that I fell in love with before I even set foot there, so I found staying in Victoria for five months easy, even when it got cold and I was working outside I still loved it there; but my time in one of the worlds most liveable cities had to come to an end for the time being. I had come to Australia to travel and explore the country so when I had saved up enough money I booked the first flight I could out to the cheapest place I could get to in Australia, which at the time turned out to be Cairns in Queensland, I had a week left in Melbourne before flying out without any set agenda other than to see what was happening up North, turns out spontaneous plans are the best, but more on that in a later post.

But before flying anywhere I had a week to say goodbye to the city that I had called home; after an early goodbye to the guy I was dating, I headed to the apartment of the two closest friends that I had made in Melbourne, Korrina and Emma’s beachside pad; where they kindly let me set up on their couch for a week since my epic housesitting apartment in Footscray had come to an end. As it happened my last week in Melbourne coincided with Korrina’s last week at university for her first semester as a Masters student in Melbourne, as fate had it she was planning on going back to Tasmania the day after I flew to Cairns, we both had a week to say goodbye to our city in the best way we knew how, eating amazing food, drinking and dancing, lots of dancing.

Our days and evenings were spent primarily in St Kilda, from exploring the shoreline of the coast to eating some seriously delicious food, the best was the Tapas selection at Laika, if you’re around the St Kilda area you should head directly for Laika down Fitzroy Street for beautifully prepared food served alongside the best cocktail menu I’ve seen for a long time, maybe if you’re lucky you’ll get a free espresso martini.  But of all of the fun that we had planned for our last week, there was one specific event that was waiting to come and sweep us away in sea of whimsy and Charleston, the night where Melbourne puts on the Ritz, and trust me when Melbourne puts on an event it makes it something really special.

For one night only The Forum on the corner of Flinders and Russell Street turned back the clocks to the 1920’s and opened its door to Swing bands, Charleston kicks, champagne swelling, glitter dresses, pin curls and tuxedos; how could Korrina and I resist? It was the perfect excuse to get dressed up and dance the night away, there’s no way we could miss it. We pin curled our hair, put on our fanciest frocks, popped champagne, laughed lots and headed off excitably into the night unsure of what ‘Putting on The Ritz’ would have in store for us. As we arrived to The Forum it was like stepping back in time, no expense was spared as everyone dressed up in their finest attire, we had barely made our way through the door when the music started, there was no stopping the crowd as people flocked to the floor to show their moves, a quick Charleston lesson and we were good to join in with the best of them. We danced for hours, alongside some of the most spectacular moves that we had ever seen, with our non-stop laughing, endless slugs of champagne it created a night I will never forget, everyone looked so wonderful, the music was mesmerising and the fun of twirling to jazz made it all the better. I couldn’t have wished to have spent the evening with a better person in a city which puts on events that constantly make Melbourne a wonderland for adults.

The rest of the week was spent with my favourite people in the most wonderful way, from Emma welcoming her new cat, Pierre into her life, softening me up to cats in a matter of moments, he is absolutely beautiful, I can’t wait to see him again, drinks with friends, old and new, beach antics and closing up Melbourne matters. Before I knew it my last night was upon me, what better way to spend it than to go down to St Kilda beach with Korrina and another friend, Pawline to watch my last Melbournian sunset, as it turns out it was one of the best that I had seen Melbourne put on, we sat on the beach as the sky lit up with the nightly show until darkness fell upon which time we headed off to celebrate the night.

Saying goodbye to Melbourne was really special, but saying goodbye to the friends that I made was what was most important to me. The people who a few months ago were strangers, who welcomed me into their lives, lent me their sofas when I needed it, provided hours of belly laughs and deep conversations and crazy crazy nights. I’ve now been gone from Melbourne for a month, I miss my Melbourne famil so much already but I know that our paths will be crossing again soon, until then I have farming, Queensland and The East Coast of Australia to keep me busy.


3 thoughts on “Putting on The Ritz and Leaving Melbourne

  1. Justine of The Travel Lush says:

    Goodbyes are always rough, but it sounds like you made some incredible bonds while in Melbourne! You make a convincing argument that Melbourne is a special kind of city. I’d love to visit (or live there!) one day 🙂 Happy farming!

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