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I’ve been looking forward to writing this blog post for the past seven weeks; it’s the story of when I went on a night out on Koh Tao and happened to meet a sitar playing guru. As I started talking to him I became increasingly  excited about the prospect of sharing what he was saying with you guys, but like every good story I should really start from the beginning.

Koh Tao, although being a laid back island has quite the party scene once darkness envelopes the sky, one night a few friends and I headed to a popular party spot to carry on the night of fun we had started for ourselves, we walked to the beach club, following the sound of the thumping music. The beach, as always was packed full of backpackers and locals who were looking to let loose, however amongst the buckets and the laughing gas balloons quietly sat a man, with long hair wearing a robe. He sat on the side of the action, serenely people watching whilst smoking, his calmness stood strong in a sea of drunk people, I couldn’t help but notice his presence, deciding that I absolutely must meet this mysterious person I headed over to him, sitting down beside him he introduced himself as White Dove.

White Dove

White Dove

Sitting down with him he started to explain his backstory, he had been travelling for 32 years around the globe, starting off from England he left to explore India, Nepal, South East Asia and beyond. He returned to England once in that time but found what was once his home to now be a place where everything was too conventional, he now lives in Goa as a spiritual healer, “working with people’s energy and using crystals to align their souls”, people flock to Goa where they attend his healing sessions, as he spoke I was increasingly drawn into his life story and what he does.

White Dove and his spiritual calendar

White Dove and his spiritual calendar

He played sitar spoke to me, his tone quiet, despite the house music vibrating the sand beneath us, I asked him what brought him to Koh Tao, to which he explained that the island called him, he had visited before and now the paths would lead him back there. He explained in a way, much like Lorenna in Nicaragua when talking about Ometepe, that the island has an energy to draw from, people, he said solemnly, come to the island and use it as their energy trash can, they come and ruin the island then leave. Instead, he said that the islands energy required him to return to try and restore the balance, by doing whatever he can.

The sitar hummed quietly at his fingertips, the bass of the music in the background made most of the notes unrecognisable, as he played he said that it doesn’t matter who hears him, what’s important is that he keeps on playing. Our conversation rolled on, like the monk I met in Chiang Mai, White Dove asked me what I was doing in Thailand and what propelled me to spend my time satisfying my own wanderlust. I replied, without thinking that I will always return to Thailand, if there is a chance for me to be there, I will take it, to which he smiled, nodded and said that he could sense my energy being channeled into Thailand and that it must be a very special place to me.

Please excuse my blatent bra action, after a few buckets who knows what goes on with ones attire?!

Please excuse my blatent bra action, after a few buckets who knows what goes on with ones attire?!

The more we spoke I became less aware of the bass music in the background and more aware of the notes of the sitar and the moments leading up to this chance meeting with White Dove, the guru from Goa.

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Who’s the most intersting person that you’ve met on your travels? Have you ever had a brief encounter with a guru? Comment below, I love comments! Alternatively you can find me across on Twitter and Instagram, if you’re into that kind of immediate social media.

Every good blogger frantically writes notes on nights out, right?!

Every good blogger frantically writes notes on nights out, right?!


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