A love letter to Koh Tao: Notes on returning ‘home’.

If you know me, or this blog at all then you will know that Koh Tao is the most special place in the world to me; I go on and on about my love for that little island to absolutely anyone who would listen to me. It’s a love that never faded, I have spent time exploring other beautiful countries, other islands across the world, some of which I fell truly in love with; but there’s only been one island that I have missed the way that you would an old friend, that island was Koh Tao; considering this, it made complete sense that on my journey to Australia I’d head back to The Rock.


It had been a year and half since I had left Koh Tao for England; a year and half that I spent dreaming about returning to the island where I first felt my heart and soul collide and where I finally felt like I belonged, like I was home. In Koh Tao 18 months marks a lot of changes, the island shifts and changes on a monthly basis, by the time I had returned a month ago; bars had changed, people had left, new faces, new places inhabited every corner. But amongst all of these changes the island still felt like I had returned home.

Settling into my new office

Settling into my new office

Considering the changes, I settled into life easily back on the rock, I went to my favourite cafes (hello, Zest and Zanzibar), I went to the bars that I used to visit frequently, although most my friends had left the island not long after I did I ended up making new friends, I headed to housewarmings, birthdays and parties. I celebrated Australia day with my friends, I partied with the best of them until the night shifted into day, I attempted to master Stand up Paddleboarding, heck, I even went on a few dates with someone. Restaurants that I loved before were frequented, Farangos for pizza, Barracuda for fish, Pasta in Portobello and Thai in Su Chilli; I ate and drank until my belly was fit to burst; come the evening I headed down to my favourite bar Maya where I watched the sunset with friends and cocktails, every part of me was happy.

10947180_850846611641683_6776264527097410730_nI settled myself into Goodtime Adventures beach hostel, conveniently placed between Maya and my favourite massage and spa parlor, right on the beach; the rooms are large and the people, well I might be biased here, but they’re some of my favourites on the island. I made some really beautiful friends at the hostel, when I wasn’t writing we’d spend our days playing on the beach, heading to Nang Yuan or my favourite hideout, Mango Bay for the day, the balmy hot days were spent in the ocean, or trying to stand on top of it on my paddleboard. Considering that I can’t dive the island as always offers a wealth of activities and ways to spend your day, from beach bumming, to climbing, to hiking all round the island, you can fly through the air on a flying trapeze, you can sail, you can party, you can soak up the island from any which way you could imagine.

There’s something about that little rock in the middle of Thailands beautiful Gulf which always feels like home, it’s where I found my travelling feet, it’s where I first lay upon a palm shaded beach, it’s where I found my heart and where I eventually left it; returning was, as always, easy, leaving however was harder than it had ever been before, I know in my heart that I will be back on The Rock before years end; it’s a place which calls me home over and over again.

Until I return again Koh Tao, you will always be in my heart.

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Is there a place where you have found your home away from home? Where is it? Tell me all about it in the comments below. I’m also over on Instagram and Twitter, if you want to join in across the board, you will find my up-to-date Australian adventures over on those sites, until I play catch up here..


5 thoughts on “A love letter to Koh Tao: Notes on returning ‘home’.

  1. Hannah says:

    I totally get what you mean, northern koh Phangan is my home from home, and also where I found my travelling feet, two years on it still calls me back.

    I can’t even bring myself to post anything about it, nothing I write seems to do it justice! Maybe I’ll give it a go after reading this 🙂

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