Where to stay on Koh Tao

Koh Tao, the small island with a lot to offer; from great diving to amazing rock formations for climbing, this island has it all. For only being 21km in size Koh Tao attracts a lot of visitors, from couples looking for a retreat to backpackers (many, many of us) looking for a tropical hide away, but for all of the visitors where exactly is there to stay on the island which seems to have it all.

In my time visiting Koh Tao I’ve been lucky enough to have stayed in Hostels, Hotels, Bungalows and my very own house whenever I’ve been on The Rock, I have seen pretty much everything of what the island has to offer in accommodation, and to be honest; I’m always pleasantly surprised, I’d like to share with you some of my favourites. This list doesn’t contain any diving accommodation since I’m not a diver, however most dive schools have on site accommodation where you can stay for the duration of your course.

Spicy Tao

From the infamous Spicy Thai up in Chiang Mai is Spicy Tao, it’s smaller but still as well known sister hostel; the hostel is based five minutes from Sairee town up a hill behind Asia Divers. The hostel itself is pretty basic, but people go to stay there due to the atmosphere, although the hostel is situated slightly away from Sairee it makes up for it in personality.

Average cost for dorm room: £2 – £3

The Road slightly Beyond Spicy Tao Backpackers.

The Road slightly Beyond Spicy Tao Backpackers.

SB Cabanas & other beach bungalows

One of the cheapest places to stay on the island which boasts your own space, the Cabins are ideally placed on the waterfront, steps from the tropical beach, other than this fact and that they have a lovely porch surrounding them I’m not entirely sold. The cabins are hot, like saunas with most only having a small fan to keep you cool and a cold shower. The cost is a few hundred Baht a night, but for a few pennies more you could get somewhere a lot nicer on the island.

Average cost for budget bungalow: £7 – £10

Good Dream Hostel

Good Dream Hostel is definitely one of the nicer hostels available to you on Sairee Beach, it’s situated about three minute walk from the main town slightly set back into the jungle. This is a small hostel, with one corridor of dorm rooms; the beds are comfy, the rooms aren’t tiny and the showers are hot. I stayed in this hostel for two weeks in 2013 whilst I was looking for somewhere more permanent; it may not be one of the most social of places but it does have a certain  charm; it’s also conveniently located by one of the best spas in the town.

Average cost for dorm room: £4 – £6

Lotus Mountain View

You can’t go to Koh Tao without hearing the name ‘Lotus’, ‘Lotus bar’, ‘Lotus Spa’ ‘Lotus Resort’ it’s all over Sairee beach. When looking for accommodation you more than likely would have seen ‘Lotus Resort’ offering lovely rooms but slightly out of normal backpacker budget, but if you delve deeper you will find that up an alley, away from the beach is a guest house come hotel which is called ‘Lotus Mountain View’. Boasting private rooms, private bathrooms inclusive of a cold shower this guest house has to be one of the best value on the island for location and for in my general opinion not being ‘that bad’. Which if you ask me, for a private budget room in Thailand is pretty damn good. All Lotus rooms also come with use of two pools and public wifi, there’s no in room wifi.

Average cost for Private Room: £10 – £20

Lotus Pool

Lotus Pool (apologies for the terrible photo, it was taken years ago)

Lotus Dorm

Part of the Lotus family comes the Lotus Dorm room, a large room with single beds within it, (no bunks!) and a TV/lounge area. The rooms are generally nice, but there’s a smell of sewage when you walk upstairs to the dorm, I believe however that this might be due to work going on within the resort. I should also mention that the dorm rooms are right over the Lady Boy Cabaret; meaning that from 10pm – midnight you can hear the show as if it’s in your own living room. All Lotus rooms also come with use of two pools and public wifi, there’s no in room wifi.

Average cost for Dorm Room: £3 – £5

Goodtime Adventures

Goodtime Adventures, possibly my favourite place to stay on Koh Tao; large rooms, warm showers, friendly people, a kick ass resturant and right on top of the waterfront. I booked in for seven days originally, of which I extended by three, then by another three. Here I met some really beautiful people who I had a lot of fun exploring Koh Tao again with. The rooms aren’t cheap for Thailand, but I honestly wouldn’t stay in another dorm on the island; the entire place fricking rocks, I’m looking forward to my next stay there.

Average cost for the Dorm – £10 (Well worth it!)

My desk at Good Time Adventures

My desk at Good Time Adventures

There are many places where you can stay on Koh Tao, guest houses, hostels, diving resorts, luxury resorts; these are only a handful of places that I know and I have personally stayed so I can give you my honest opinion. If you do have a bit of extra cash to splash then Koh Tao is the place for you, remember that Sairee Beach is the place to be for the legendary sunsets so if you can grab yourself a seaview and enjoy all of what this amazing island has to offer.

Get Involved

Have you ever been to Koh Tao? Where have you stayed that I haven’t included? How did you find it? Let my readers know below so they can have a better idea of what there is to offer on beautiful Tao.

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3 thoughts on “Where to stay on Koh Tao

  1. Justine of The Travel Lush says:

    Wow, there are so many incredible and inexpensive places to stay on Koh Tao. When I was there is was really crowded (must have been the high season) and I hadn’t booked accommodation. I paid way too much for what was a super nice room, but I was really bummed on paying so much. Clearly had a I tried a little harder I could have found some really great places to stay for way less! I really need to go back there and do it right!

    • hanwanderlust says:

      The island does get really busy post full moon in the high season, everyone heads over to chill out on the better island 😉 Where did you end up staying? The nice rooms are really expensive there, I wanted to get a private room with a sea view for my last night but the price just shot right up. There are some really nice places out of Sairee for a good cost, but then you need to get across the island for most of the action.

      You should head back there for sure, I know it won’t be long before I’m back again.

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