Australia – The grand plan.

2015 is going to be quite possibly the biggest, most life changing year I’ve had yet. As you know I’m leaving my home in England to start travelling for an indefinite period of time, I told you last week about how I plan on heading back to Thailand, and Cambodia, and then head to Australia where I will spend the next year or so working and travelling around the country. But I haven’t really discussed any more than that; so without any further adieu let me formally introduce you to my great big Australian plan. (Creatively Named: Australia : The Great Plan). Shown to you in the way of a great big wonderful Infographic, because, let’s be fair, who doesn’t like an infographic.

Ta-da!Australia - The Great Plan

The breakdown in full:

Work: I have a Working Holiday Visa which allows me to live and work in Australia for up to a year in any job for up to a period of six months (depending on the employer). So, for one year I can find work any where I like in Australia, however, if I choose to do 88 days Agriculture work I can apply for a second year visa. This is the route I’m planning on going for when I first arrive Down Under, I know that the pay isn’t great, but as backpackers working together on farms there will be a great sense of comradery; generally you don’t pay for food and board (or if you do it’s very cheap) and you get a wage, which will allow me to save continuously for 88 days so I can explore longer and further. I’m working with a very small budget at the moment, causing me to need to find work along the Harvest Trail on the farms as soon as possible, I hope it won’t take too long. The thought of me working on a farm is causing great amusement to my friends and family who know that at home I’m a complete girly girl, I must remember, my hair doesn’t need to be styled and quite possibly (maybe, MAYBE) people won’t notice if I don’t highlight my eyebrows, I sound horrific (I promise, I’m not). Alongside becoming Farmer Hannah I will also be aiming to work full time on this blog, using my writing as a tool to follow my adventures from city worker to full time traveller on a budget, this blog means a lot to me and I’m really excited to invest a lot more of my time into this little corner of the internet.

Travel: I’m flying into Melbourne to start with, from there I’m looking to join the Harvest Trail for three months, which might include moving from farm to farm in search of work ala George and Lenny from Of Mice and Men (without the horrific ending, of course). After my Agricultural work is completed I’d like to spend three months travelling around Australia, to start with along the East coast from Cairns back down to Melbourne. I know that this is a really over populated route, but most of the key activities I want to pursue are along the East Coast; snorkelling the Great Barrier Reef, sailing Tall Ships around the Whitsundays, exploring Fraser Island, Skydiving, etc…etc.. it makes a lot of sense that I follow this route as part of the beginning part of my grand Australian adventure.

Living: I will be flying into Melbourne to kick off my adventure, this is the city that I would eventually like to settle in. There’s something that seems really alluring about Victoria and Melbourne to me, although I will be travelling around often Melbourne will be used as my base, that is unless I move to the tropical coast and live my days on the white beaches further north. 😉

So there we have it, my basic plan that generally revolves around: Go to Australia, find a job, work outside, write, travel, sleep in a campervan and then end up back in the beautiful Melbourne to start the next leg of my adventure, stories will be made on this journey. This first plan will see me through the next six months, from there I don’t know where my Australian adventure will take me, one thing is for certain is that I can’t wait to find out.

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Do you have any tips for me for my big move? Have you done it? How did you find it? Join in on the conversation below or remember that I’m over on Twitter and Instagram talking about travel love daily, I’d love it if you joined in.


4 thoughts on “Australia – The grand plan.

  1. Anna Lou says:

    As usual, SO excited for you!!! I’ve worked on farms for a couple years now and love it more than any other job I’ve ever had, but I’m a dirty hippie, so. 😉 I’m interested to hear what your perspective will be!

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