Shoreditch, Brick Lane, Hoxton, East London love.

East London, my chosen stomping ground, it’s the closest part of London to where I live (Essex, for those not in the know, yes, there is a television show about Essex, no, I don’t know any of the people personally). *Ahem* Annnyways, East London, my favourite place to hang out, not only do I live reasonably close, I also work on the very edge of the city, where city meets Hipster, separated only by a roundabout and a road.

Welcome to Shoreditch

Welcome to Shoreditch

So what else is there other than location that makes East London (primarily Shoreditch way and Brick Lane) my favourite area to explore? The area as a whole is extremely colourful, street art lines the walls, shutters, construction boards, pavements and advertising all along the Shoreditch stretch; it’s along this part of London where well known street artists, Banksy, Robbo, Clet Abraham and Eine (to name a few) have used as their canvas; colour, creativity and art is welcomed in this part of town. I love wandering around the streets and laneways between Shoreditch and Brick Lane looking at the Street Art, it’s exactly what I need some days after being in the office, in fact I would say it’s the one thing that makes Shoreditch such a great area to explore, there’s always so much to see.

Between the colourful walls lie pop-up restaurants, supper clubs, bars, clubs, cafes, independent shops and markets. From Rough Trade (record shop) to Humming Bird bakery and everything in-between; vintage shops, bars which specialise in mixology creating your ideal cocktail, Spitalfields Market, providing you with amazing food, affordable clothing and one off pieces to jewellery all the way to the Bangladeshi restaurants of Brick Lane. This part of East London certainly has it all, and more.  Word on the street is, that the curry houses which adorn Brick Lane serve up the most amazing food at the most affordable prices if you don’t mind a little barter here, a little barter there with your host before you go in, I haven’t actually tried this yet, this fact has been passed down to me by a close friend who knows East London better than I do Southend.

Brick Lane has the most amazing curry.

Brick Lane has the most amazing curry.

Sure, Shoreditch and Brick Lane way have become a bit of a cliché of ‘cool’ and ‘hip’ these days, this is of course where the original London hipster once resided, where start-ups, web-companies and clothing lines were born; this part of London was once the affordable Mecca which has slowly become more affluent over the years, resulting in a mix of some truly interesting people.  I’m not the last person to say that this part of London can be a bit pretentious, but it’s all relative. If you have an area which does amazing food, great coffee and a good night out then I’ll take a slightly snooty person in colourful trousers any day.

I adore this little part of London, I’m sure you will as well; it’s an absolute blast, be sure to take lots of photos of the Street Art around this area and if you use it on Instagram then tag it with #shoreditch #streetart #london and then you will find the artists can credit their work and see who is enjoying it. Pay it forward.

Tiny Shoreditch List:

Where to eat:

Spitalfields Market (Seriously, just go)

Pizza East

Dishoom (Indian Breakfast, just the most amazing thing)

Where to Drink:

Golden Bee (roof terrace, hello)

Happiness Forgets

Best Thing about Shoreditch:

Street Art, you can do a tour but I prefer to explore at my own pace.

Never ending places to Visit,

The ever evolving pop-up bars and restaurants mean that you never have to get stuck in a rut over here.

Worst Thing about Shoreditch:

Can be slightly pretentious, best bring your sense of humour.

Have you been to Shoreditch? What’s your favourite thing to do/see there? I’d love to hear from you, drop me a comment below and tell me what your favourite part of East London is. I also faff about on Twitter and Instagram daily, if you want to connect over there.


3 thoughts on “Shoreditch, Brick Lane, Hoxton, East London love.

  1. Daria Radler says:

    I absolutely loved exploring Shoreditch and Brick Lane. I went to London with a friend for a couple of days back in May and we had such an incredible time – Shoreditch was pretty special since we felt like we were travelling back in time the further we walked which was rather magical 🙂

    I wrote a post about my favourite London experiences – maybe you’d like to check that out, too:

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