There’s no place like London

London is my city, I live just outside of its hustle and bustle; but I work in the city, I spend most of my time there socialising, soaking up its history, culture and amazing food scene. But, if I’m honest, there are massive parts of the city that I’m not a fan of. I love it because it’s home, but other than that, its charms (there are a lot of them) that bring a lot of people to the city are lost on me.

Obligatory photo of the bridge

Obligatory photo of the bridge


Don’t get me wrong, there are areas of the city that I adore, truly adore, but others I cannot stand. The tourist attractions, mostly for one. By that I’m talking about the bridges, all of them which are perfect ‘selfie spots’, then there’s Tower of London, St Paul’s Cathedral, London eye, Trafalgar Square, Oxford Street and Covent Garden to name but a few places that leave me in a cold sweat. I just don’t see their appeal any more, all I see are the people, they’re just everywhere.

I don’t mind crowds, I really don’t mind seeing people enjoying London and England, but when you become aclimatised to a place you lose sight about what was beautiful about it in the first place; I can see what brings people to see these areas, the history and architecture is lovely (bar Oxford Street and Covent Garden, I really hate those areas), but for me, it’s just London, it’s where I race to work, it’s where I meet my friends, buy groceries and go shopping.

Over the years I’ve found other parts of the city which always keep me crushing, these areas are what I hope to share with you in this London series, I think that most people (myself included) whatever city, town, country you visit should break away from the tourist areas and to explore the  locals scene. It is these areas where local people hangout which I have found are most electric, where the prices are generally cheaper, where the food is more often than not better and where the people are friendlier. I try and do this as often as I can when I go to a new place, I was lucky enough that when I was in Amsterdam with a friend we met up with some pals from Central America who lived in the city, they took myself and Lauren around the city and took us to hidden gems that I would have never of thought of visiting. I left Amsterdam completely besotted with it, so much so that if I wasn’t hotfooting it to Australia to start my Southern Hemisphere travels I would have moved there in a heartbeat, I guess, in doing this series I want you, my lovely friends, to feel the same way about London.

I queued to take a selfie of myself and Tower Bridge.

I queued to take a selfie of myself and Tower Bridge.


Soooo, What will be coming up:

Want to know where to get a kickass bagel? Where the best street art is? Where to find the best underground music scene? Where are the green spaces? Where are the best food markets? Not forgetting the Canals, lakes, forests, oh my!  If there’s an area in London that you would love to see featured then please let me know, I love finding new areas to explore.



I’m really looking forward to sharing this all with you, what are your favourite areas of London, or any city for that matter. Share with me in the comment box below. Don’t forget to join in over on Twitter and Instagram, where I am pretty much faffing about on a daily basis.


2 thoughts on “There’s no place like London

  1. Moritz says:

    It’s always nice to read what a local thinks about a city. The spots named (as far as I’ve seen them) are really nice. I personally love the flair and the charme Chelsea, it’s such a nice district. But anyway I’m really looking forwad to learn more about special places in London 🙂

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