A photo essay of The Alps

We all know that saying “A photo is worth a thousand words”, as someone who is both passionate about writing and photography I find that I often love to combine the both. However, when I’m on the road photography is the easiest option, give me a camera or a phone and I’ll be happy to play for hours; I take photos of almost everything. Now occasionally these photos don’t make it into the blog because they don’t fit what I’m writing about, in the case of The Alps, I had too many photos to share all at once. So I thought I’d share some of my favourites that didn’t find their way into a post of their own. So consider this, in the nicest possible way, a purge of the prettiness of the Alps which have been hiding away in my computer and iphone for months now. I give you, France. Oh, and Switzerland, maybe Italy? I’m not sure how far you can see from up there.

Remember the day that my family and I went up the Agui du Midi? We took my 90 year old nan up to a 3492m up a mountain to see the world from above the clouds. It was dizzyingly beautiful, snow swept around us as we got caught up in a storm up there. Clearing just enough so we could see the most amazing view, unfortunately we missed ‘Step into the Void’  (going into a glass box suspended off of the side of the mountain) due to the storm, but I will be taking it on next time. There were a lot, a lot of photos taken this day, most of them can be found over on my post about our adventure at altitude but here are some others for your mountain needs.


I know, I know, this one has been seen before, but I love it.

2014-06-23 10.58.38

Climbers through the storm

2014-06-23 11.22.59

The jagged peaks of The Alps

When we weren’t playing under the base of Mont Blanc my family and I took advantage of the other beautiful activities the Alps had to offer, my family and I hiked one day up a mountain with a donkey to stay in a refuge lodge surrounded by peaks, clouds and a dusting of stars. The refuge walk took us into a really stunning part of the mountains, here we slept in what I can only describe as the most remote hostel I’ve ever visited. We left nan and a couple of the others behind for this trek, as it took us high into the mountains.


When we weren’t trying to become one with the mountains we celebrated my nan’s 90th birthday party with a rainbow coloured affair in the garden with us all. Now, I shared most of the photos of the day we celebrated in the post, but I wanted to show the colours off some more. From the wild flowers (ahem, good work to myself and Jack for getting those) to the food. Everything from this day was absolutely perfect, I couldn’t have wished for my beautiful nan to have had a more stunning day.

The view from Jack and Linda's garden

The view from Jack and Linda’s garden

One afternoon my brother, Harry and I went for a walk along the glacier river, which is perfect for rafting, it’s pretty amazing. The views along the river in the valley are just outstanding, the water is crystal clear, the grass is so green it doesn’t look real and flowers adorn the paths. We walked from the park along the river back to Jack and Linda’s house, the walk was absolutely stunning. I’m going to let the photos do the talking for this one.

From the park lake

From the park lake

We followed the path of the glacier water

We followed the path of the glacier water

Stopped for a slight photo op. Casual.

Stopped for a slight photo op. Casual.

The whole place is like it tumbled from a Hans Christian Anderson story

The whole place is like it tumbled from a Hans Christian Anderson story

And that’s the end of that, after seven amazing days of playing, eating and being with some of my most favourite people in The Alps we had to bid farewell to our family, as each of us flew back to our little corner of the world. I don’t get to see them as much as I’d like to so I hold the moments that we do get really closely to my heart. Thank you, Jack and Linda for hosting us all. I can’t wait to see you all again. x


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