Summer in the Mountains

Summer in the city might have been considered lovely by many so much so that a famous song has been sung about it, if you don’t know what I’m on about then please get yoself over to Youtube and listen to ‘Summer in the City’, it’s a great song. But, unfortunately, the city isn’t for me in the height of summer. In the summer I love being outside, surrounded by greenery and nature, there’s one place that gives me all of that, and that my friends, is the mountains.

I love the mountains, I especially love them in the summer, especially since I ski like a baby deer on ice, legs just everywhere. Anyways, I digress! I do love the mountains in the summer, the meadows, the flowers, the snow clinging on at altitude. I love the way the rivers rage with the glacier water through the meadows, I love the cascading waterfalls, I love the fact that the hills and valleys are surrounded by clouds. I love that every element of nature comes together in the most spectacular manner.


Our time with family in The French Alps was sadly coming to an end, after the most amazing week at Jack and Lindas house celebrating my nan’s big birthday, we had nothing left to do than enjoy a few more quiet moments together.

From a trip to a waterfall with Luke and Elfie, laughing as the water tumbled over the rocks and fell near to us; sharing laughter at my attempts to get a good shot of the falls, most of the time, I spent slipping over, much to my little cousins amusement.

Of course, in the manner of our family loving amazing food we had to go out for a spectacular last mountain lunch, luckily for us my family knew of the perfect place to go. Les Chevrelles, the most scenic restaurant I believe I have ever been to, serving amazing mountain food. Melted cheese, bread, crisp salad, wine, gooey sweet deserts and strong coffee. It was amazing.

How can one place, The Alps, be absolutely perfect? From the clear water to demanding peaks, soft meadows and tumbling hills. The whole area of it that I have seen has blown me away. I’m utterly besotted with this area of the world, I’m sure that once I have learnt the basics of balance on skis/boarding then I will enjoy this stunning scenery even more so in the winter. For now though, I will take the spring, summer and autumn, I will take all of the colours, smells and views and I will embrace every stunning visit I can to the beautiful Alps.

Lunch with a view

Lunch with a view

I have soΒ many photos of my visit to The Alps that I want to share that don’t have place in a post of their own, so I will be combining them into a photo essay to share over the next few days. Who doesn’t like looking at nice photos? No-one? Wonderful!


Do you love the mountains? Where’s your favourite mountain range? Let me know! You don’t need a wordpress account to comment and join in, just stick your details in below and have a little chin-wag with me.

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