Alpine wonders – French Alps

No sooner than I got home I was off again, this time for a family holiday to the French Alps to celebrate my Nan’s 90th. We were to stay with my cousin Jack and his beautiful family (Linda, Elfie, Bee and Belle) in a town near Samoens, nestled in the heart of the mountains.

Jack and Lindas backgarden

Jack and Lindas backgarden

I adore the mountains, there’s nothing better than fresh air, meadows, wild flowers, winding rivers, raging rapids and clear night skies, but best of all, the mountains is where we share wonderful family time. Which is pretty special as I don’t often get to see my family, one of my cousins lives in the Alps with his family, my other cousin lives in Mombassa with his family, the rest of my family are spread out around the UK, Devon, Lincolnshire and my home county, Essex, but we all came together to celebrate the birthday of my wonderful nan, all nineteen of us.

Three of the four mini-cousins (Bee, Luke and Elfie) gardening

Three of the four mini-cousins (Bee, Luke and Elfie) gardening


Our week consisted of exploring the mountains, hiking, seeing glaciers, finding waterfalls, eating amazing food, drinking great wine and enjoying mountain life together. Samoens the town near where Jack and Linda live is a stunning alpine town, it’s nestled in a valley with mountains and forests jutting up into the heavens, a walk away there’s a crystal clear river which runs from smooth to rapids, you can walk along it through the trees from the town to my cousins house. Fields make the valley floor, upon them wild flowers grow in abundance, everything was so lush and green, the air was warm, the last bits of snow clung onto the mountain tops high above us.


I love this place


Our first day back in the mountains we drifted down to Samoens to watch the finishers of the Mountain Trail Race which racers can run up to a whopping 55km up to 4000m up and down the mountains, the finishing line had a party atmosphere, as expected, you would want to celebrate in a big way if you had just completed a race like that! We sat and watched people hurtle themselves over the finish line over beer and lunch, the children ran and danced as music played, paragliders drifted down through the blue sky into the sun drenched fields surrounding us. It was the perfect kind of day. Once the afternoon started to wind down my brother, Harry and I decided to walk back to enjoy the scenery.

Fields, meadows, mountains, oh my!

Fields, meadows, mountains, oh my!

We walked along through forest towards the house, we wandered alongside the glacier river which was winding beside us, the same river we had rafted almost a year before, it was hard to not take photos upon every turn. The Alps are so beautiful, being in the mountains is something that I never take for granted, the next few posts will be about my alpine adventures, I can’t wait to share with you the beautiful time I spent there with my amazing family.




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