Bidding farewell to Bocas

I think everyone knows by now how much I loved Bocas? From the Tropical Islands to the Hostel we stayed in, every part of those archipelago of islands captured my heart. But, we were only there for three nights; our time came to an end all too quickly. Our last days were spent exploring the other islands and beaches that Bocas had to offer us, from the beautiful Red Frog Island, where the four of us (Lauren, Gary, Dam and I) got caught in the rain and spent the afternoon drinking wine whilst being sheltered instead of lazing on a beach, sure it wasn’t a tropical paradise like the previous island, it was still a lovely place to chill out. We did however see a sloth enroute to the beach; do you know that sloths can swim great distances? That’s how they’ve ended up on so many small islands; they can hold their breath for up to 40 minutes under water – anyways – I digress.

A beautiful Boca-ranian girl

A beautiful Boca-ranian girl on Red Frog Island


Storm approaching

Storm approaching

The rest of our days were lazy and blissful, we lived the hammock life whilst listening to chilled-out tunes drifting through the air, the Caribbean vibes surrounded us, Lauren and I embraced living Pura Vida, (the pure life) on Bocas, and I loved every single second of it. We had one crazy night out at Aqaua Lounge partying until the sun began to rise with a group of people that we met floating around Isla Colon; the night was predictably very messy however it provided us with some welcome memories.

The crew having pre-drinks before Aqua Lounge


After a few amazing days in paradise it all came crashing to a halt too soon. Lauren and I were due to go to Panama City, a night bus away, 10/11 hours of sitting on uncomfortable seats whilst the driver slings a massive bus at hurtling speeds along mountain roads – hooray! Lauren and I weren’t looking forward to this bus ride, which made leaving our idyllic islands even harder. Still, with heavy hearts and a hangover from the night before we boarded the boat which zipped us to Alimirante port where we boarded the bus to Panama City.


Dark Ocean leaving Bocas

Dark Ocean leaving Bocas

Lauren and I were as prepared as we could be for our journey to Panama City, we had brought cheese, bread and pringles to make our favourite travel sandwiches along with beer for the journey; we also made sure we had jumpers and pashminas to cover ourselves up from the insane aircon that these buses burst out; we snuggled into tiny seats for the night, sleeping when we could drown out the Spanish pop music that was blasting out the entire ride; we’d listen to Jack Johnson when my phone battery allowed, which was the soundtrack to our trip. He sang us from Nicaragua to Costa Rica and all through Panama, it was only right that we listened to him on our final bus ride for this trip in Central America.

Surprisingly, the night on the bus went quite quickly, we ended up in Panama City before dawn and headed to our final Hotel to spend our last 32 hours in blissful luxury – The Trump Hotel in Panama City. I know, right?!


5 thoughts on “Bidding farewell to Bocas

  1. thetravellush says:

    Ah, Bocas del Toro just sounds like paradise. It’s nice to hear that you loved it so much. I’ve always heard mixed reviews. Some people love it and some people say it’s overrated and too touristy. I think I would absolutely love it though.

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