Ready to Launch – Hostel Rocket

There’s a brand new contender coming your way in terms of the booking hostel world; and that contender is – Hostel Rocket your one stop shop for all of your travel needs. What’s more exciting is that Hostel Rocket is almost ready to launch. Hostel Rocket will be your go to when you need to book up your Hostels on your travels, gone are the days of trawling through websites trying to find the perfect place to stay when you’re traversing the world, they have taken the stress out of planning and booking making the whole process seamless and easy.

Hostel Rocket

Hostel Rocket

The site is run by travel enthusiasts who are dedicated to bringing you the best service possible, leaving you to enjoy the trip of your life. I had a chat with Guy McBride the COO and founder at Hostel Rocket to find out how the site will differ from other hostel booking sites. He stated that the customers using Hostel Rocket will notice a smooth, easy use, user interface to search for your hostels; not only will the interface be easy-use but “The Hostel Rocket experience will rely heavily on imagery for users to find and book hostels”, this really excited me, I am aesthetically drawn to hostels by what I see on websites, I do judge a hostel by its cover (and covers).

photo 2

Having a sneak peak around the site I can say that it is incredibly smooth to use, you put in where you’re going, what dates you’ll be there and wham bam hostels appear showing the first photo and price per person, per night. Clicking on the hostel you’re interested in you’re directed to the next page where you’re treated to a description on what the hostels are like. On this page you can also see if they have Wifi, a bar, chill out areas etc. As more people use the website there will be reviews for you to read before you book, along with an map to the hostel of your choice, it really is a one stop shop for your hostel-needs.


The team at Hostel Rocket have been working hard behind the scenes to make sure that the booking and managing your itinerary much more convenient for us as travellers, no more late night stressing out trying to find a decent place to lay your head the next day (is that only me who leaves things to the last minute?!)


I do love a good map

I’m massively excited about Hostel Rocket firing up on July 21st, I’ve signed up already; I thoroughly suggest you do as well. Find yourself amazing hostels worldwide, at a great cost and make your memories something amazing.

As always, my thoughts on this blog are all my own; Hostel Rocket have not asked me to write how excited I am to use their site on my coming adventures. If you’re excited then head over to Hostel Rocket and sign up for yourself, you can also find them on instagram and twitter.


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