Amy Hubbard Turns 90

My fabulous Nan, Amy, turns ninety today, hooray! Words cannot express how much she means not only to me, but to our entire family. Right now, there’s about twenty of us in the French Alps, celebrating our beautiful mother, nan, great-nan and aunt, our family has travelled from far and wide to be together to bring this milestone birthday in with one of the most outstanding people that we know.


My nan is utterly amazing, at 90 she rocks it to the gym three times a week, she has a more active social life than I do at 27; she’s unstoppable. She’s been living with myself and my family for a year and half now, I could not be happier to get to see her every day, she’s absolutely hilarious; with a very cheeky sense of humour and a smile always on her face, she spreads happiness wherever she goes.


Honestly, have you seen anyone more beautiful?!

10352603_734616833264662_7988104322066558124_n (1)

Nan and Granddad getting married

I lay down the fact that I would not be the person I am today without her support and love, some of my earliest memories are of growing up with my nan and granddad, summers in the garden hiding under the weeping willow by the pond; my nan teaching me that being creative is a wonderful way to spend your time, writing stories, creating models, drawing, using my imagination to put my wildest ideas into action. By night we’d read stories of far off lands, she’d tell me about Africa, how my granddad used to work on ships, travelling around the world; we would talk about all of the things that were, and all of the things that could be. Β I’ve always loved listening to my Nan’s stories, from the time Frank Sinatra kissed her, to the story of her kissing the Blarney Stone; she is a wonderful narrator, captivating those listening with her flare, humour and passion for life.


Kissing the Blarney Stone in Style


Words can’t express how much I love this

My nan has been far and wide over the past 90 years, exploring different countries and continents; but she always came home to her beautiful family. To those that she loves more than anything, as the family has grown bigger and extended out over the world, her love has grown with it. There’s nothing she loves more than seeing how my cousins and families are doing over in France and Mombasa; the children, her great-grandchildren are the apple of her eye. The love she has for us all is unconditional, our family as one, brought together by herself and her one true love, my granddad.




My love for my nan knows no bounds, she is the most amazing person that I know; I feel so lucky to be able to call her my nan, grandmother, friend, all of the above. I know that from what the past 90 years have been like for her, the next instalment will be equally amazing. But for now, from us all, Nan, we love you, to the moon and back.

Happy 90th Birthday.


Visiting Zulu’s in Africa


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