Finding Paradise in Bocas

You don’t need to talk to me for long before you realise that I am obsessed with Tropical Islands; I love the island life, the warm climate, surrounded by water and beautiful beaches. I love the fact that everything runs slower on islands, you want some toast for breakfast? Best not be too hungry, because it’ll take a few hours to get to you. Coffee? Sure, when they get round to it. I love it! My life in London is constantly moving at an alarming rate that when I finally get Island living I can feel my body relax, of course, you can get this ‘Island life’ anywhere, but I prefer to have mine tropical served with fresh fruit juice or coconut water. One day I will live on a tropical island (again) and I will embrace every single minute of it with an open heart.

Beautiful Bocas

So, when Lauren and I decided to go to Bocas Del Toro, I was beyond excited; tropical islands just off of the coast of Panama, what’s not to love? Getting to Bocas from the border crossing at the Sixaola Bridge is easy; a short car ride to the ‘port’ to hop onto a small boat to whizz across the water for about 45 minutes towards the most gorgeous island. As we drifted along the Caribbean water, I gazed out at wooden houses on the bank, children jumping into the water, women washing and hanging out their clothes, fruit being prepared; life going on as normal in the most stunning surroundings.

Back of the Hostel

Back of the Hostel

Lauren and I had pre-booked to stay at Casa Verde; a beautiful ‘hostel’ (I say ‘hostel’ but it was more than that) right on the water on the main island (Isle Colon) after reading Alex’s (of Alex in Wanderland) post about her stay there.Β Whilst on the boat we told a couple of other travellers where we planned on staying, they decided, rightly, that the place sounded amazing and they were also going to try and stay there. We hopped off of the boat to find a representative from the ‘hostel’ waiting for us to take us to where we were staying. The guys we travelled with from Puerto Viejo came along with us to try their luck at getting a room, once we arrived, they asked if they could grab a room for a few days, “no can do” the lovely receptionist said, “we’re fully booked” just before the boys turned to walk away she said “unless, I upgrade these two girls” (myself and Lauren), the guys were happy to stay in a dorm room whilst Lauren and I got a free upgrade to the most beautiful room. I’m not sure how it worked, but I was elated to be given a beautiful room, in a beautiful location, especially after the last few hostels we had stayed in. We settled into our room before we made our way down to the wooden dock out the back of the hostel, where we lazed in hammocks, drifted in dingys and soaked in the Carribbean life.

Island LIfe

Island LIfe


I have so much more that I want to say about Casa Verde that I’m going to dedicate a whole post to that beautiful hostel. But right now, this very second, I have my bags packed next to me to fly over to the French Alps to spend a week frolicking with family for my beautiful nan’s 90th birthday; keep your eyes peeled for a very special birthday post coming up on Thursday.



4 thoughts on “Finding Paradise in Bocas

  1. thetravellush says:

    This place sounds incredible. And I love that you got a free upgrade. That’s the best! I can’t wait to read more about your time on Bocas. I’ve been obsessed with visiting those islands forever. So I’m totally living vicariously through you πŸ˜‰

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