The Lost Beaches of Puerto Viejo

Where the jungle meets the sea

Through the jungle you’ll find a hidden gem a perfect beach, nestled away from the world; glistening sand, turquoise water, palm trees leaning lazily towards the ocean; waves lapping at rugged rocks, mostly deserted, it’s a place of dreams.



You can get to this amazing beach by riding your bike (the chosen form of transportation in Puerto Viejo) away from Puerto Viejo’s main town for an hour, the ride is absolutely gorgeous, jungle the left of you, ocean to the right. As you glide up and down hills you can hear the sounds of the jungles surrounding you, you pass the Jaguar Sanctuary (which doesn’t have any Jaguars at the moment, but does have a lot of sloths), the Coco Plantation and a couple of nice restaurants (one vegetarian place, score!)


My heart belongs to the ocean

My heart belongs to the ocean

Once you veer off the road, down a dusty unmade path, you stumble upon this stunning beach, you can park your bikes upon the sand, under the shade of a palm tree as you take in the surroundings; this place is utterly gorgeous. As far as Caribbean beaches go, you will not be disappointed.

Gorgeous shells

A light breeze rolled in from the ocean, rustling the palm branches above your head; sounds of the jungle echoing in the distance and the waves crashing upon the sand; it is absolutely gorgeous; it is here that Lauren and I spent the morning, laughing, lazing and exploring this beautiful coastline.



As beaches go, Puerto Viejo has it covered; right at the back of our hostel we had a stretch of coastline, it wasn’t as perfect as the hidden beach we found, but it was wild, waves crashed upon jagged rocks, the trees grew until they reached the ocean and disappeared into the waves. It’s amazing how these beaches differ from each other, when they’re just a few miles apart, but that’s part of Puerto Viejo’s charms; it has every kind of beach for any kind of person; wild and raw for those interested in the geological coast, and the pristine Caribbean beaches for those sun and sand lovers.

Outside the back of Rocking J's

Outside the back of Rocking J’s

It’s absolutely beautiful there; I’d highly suggest renting a bicycle and getting out of the main town to find your own slice of Caribbean heaven. There’s no nicer way to explore a new town than to ride through it by bike, the wind in your hair, the earth at your wheels. We hired our bikes from Rocking J’s, the hostel we stayed at; but if your hotel/hostel doesn’t have bike hire then there are many other places in town that you can hire them from.

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This town and Costa Rica’s beaches will capture your imagination and ignite your wanderlust; it’s really the loveliest of places. However, the next day we up and left, for a trip to perfect Panama.


8 thoughts on “The Lost Beaches of Puerto Viejo

  1. thetravellush says:

    This place looks like paradise. There’s nothing better than riding your bike past the jungle to get to the beach. And I can’t wait to read about your adventures in Panama! I’m obsessed with the idea of going there one day 🙂

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