New Little Adventurer

I know this is a travel blog and you will be here for the sole purpose of reading about travelling, unless you’re my family or friends in which case you would have been directed over here because you love me and want to read all about my adventures (not because I force fed this blog to you on social media), BUT. I have something to commemorate: A few days ago one of my oldest and best friends and her boyfriend became parents to a perfect, tiny, baby girl called Maisie. Hooray!

Maisie and Mummy


Sleeping soundly

Sleeping soundly


 To Maisie,

Auntie Jade, Auntie Laura and I met you for the first time today; it was the most amazing afternoon. When we walked into the house and first saw you, we were smitten; at a few days old you are absolutely gorgeous, you have a full head of jet black hair, a beautiful face, wide, curious eyes and are just the most wonderful baby. We held you, as you slept, smiled as you took in the new world around you and spoke to you in ridiculously funny voices.

Your mum and dad were glowing with love and admiration for you, you are so, so loved little one. At a few days old you have the entire world in front of you, every possibility to become anything you could ever dream of in the future. I promise you, Maisie, as well as your mum and dad supporting and loving you through every second, your (*cough-fake-cough*) aunties, Jade, Laura and I will also always be there for you. We will laugh with you, play games with you and share your dreams with you.

I couldn’t have wished for more happiness and light to be granted to your mum and dad, they are two of the most wonderful, beautiful people that I know, their love, beauty and strength will continue to grow within you, as you explore your beautiful life. Your arrival into this world has made the family complete, together with the beautiful Sammy-dog.

I feel incredibly lucky to have met you today and even more so to know that I will get to be part of watching you grow up.

Love you,


That’s not fear in your eyes when you look at me, that’s admiration.

May you grow up to be righteous 
May you grow up to be true
May you always know the truth 
And see the lights surrounding you
May you always be courageous 
Stand upright and be strong
May you stay forever young

Button Nose


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