The one, the only – SUNDAY FUNDAY!

Ready for Funday!

     Is there anything sweeter than a lazy Sunday morning?! Especially one spent in a tropical climate with a group of friends around a pool, listening to some chilled out tunes whilst drinking coffee and basking in the early glow of the day? Well, that’s exactly how the morning of ‘Sunday Funday’ started. Even though the atmosphere was incredibly laid back that morning there was an underlying buzz in the air, for all of our loafing about we were all itching to get started on ‘Sunday Funday’ – the biggest day in Nicaragua.

image (3)

Shay and Richard preparing lots of Buzz Punch


To join ‘Sunday Funday’ you have get yourself a ticket, which is approximately $15; for that you get yourself a beautiful ‘Sunday Funday’ tank top and shuttles around the three venues. Lauren and I went to get our tickets from The Naked Tiger in the late morning, by the time we queued for our tickets and returned to Casa De Olas the atmosphere was really picking up. We got back just in time for the Free Buzz Punch hour; where the entire hostel drank as much punch as they could possibly could to get into the Sunday Funday spirit. The music pumped up, the facepaint came out and we doused ourselves in glitter and colour in preparation for the mania that was about to unfold before us. Everyone joined in with playing rounds of drinking games in the run up to the shuttle arriving to pick us up and take us to the first venue; by the time the shuttle came we were already properly buzzed, looking forward to starting the crawl. We all piled into the truck, we were squeezed amongst our closest friends as we sped through San Juan Del Sur under the afternoon sun towards the first hotel.

image (7)

Rocking my Sunday Funday Tank-Top

image (4)

Patrick in the spirit

 Shiny Happy People

Shiny Happy People

The first location was at a beautiful hotels pool, up high in the mountains facing the ocean; this pool seriously wouldn’t have been out of place in a music video, it was absolutely stunning. The sun was high; the DJ was playing amazing tunes as everyone enjoyed partying in the pool. The drinks carried on going down far too easily; to be honest with you, the day was a bit of a blur from here (I know, bad blogger, but I didn’t have this blog then, so you can’t blame me, right?!). After a few hours at the gorgeous hotel another shuttle came to start picking us up to move on to location number two, before I knew it we were piled into the truck and hurtled back up the mountain towards the pool at Naked Tiger. It is here where we devoured spicy BBQ food, drank much more rum, and started to dance as the sun went down; the Sunday Funday spirit had really taken hold of us and we loved every minute of it. As the night went on we left the Naked Tiger and ended up at a club to finish off the crawl, it was here that the others and I who made it to the last venue danced the night away before making our way back up to Casa De Olas, exhausted but alive after our day of debauchery.

image (5)

Charlie, Angus and the Rum Gun

 Upon our return the group reconvened and gathered in the garden to have a chilled out after party, the guitar was being played as we chilled out under the stars. It was the perfect ending to the most surreal, yet brilliant day in Nicaragua, the perfect way to say goodbye to the place which captivated our hearts and provided us with the most amazing memories.

image (6)

Some of the beauts ready to party

If you do the Sunday Funday Bar and Pool Crawl I highly suggest that you don’t take anything unless it is waterproof, don’t worry about your notes however because Nicaraguan currency is waterproof. I highly suggest that you do go, it is an absolute blast, and you will make some (hazy) memories that will keep you smiling for a long time after.

 Coming up next: Costa Rica and the worst hostel I’ve ever known.


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