Casa De Olas : Hostel Heaven

There are some hostels which are nice, some are even beautiful, some are horrific and some are a little slice of home. Casa De Olas fit into both the beautiful and the little slice of home categories, I am inclined to say that it was the best hostel that I have ever stayed in to date. Sure, Lauren and I stayed in a basic surf dorm but it’s easy to overlook that when you can stumble out of your room to a beautiful infinity pool, overlooking Nicaragua’s Pacific Coast.


Casa De Perfection

Casa De Perfection

When Lauren and I boarded the boat from Ometepe we had originally booked to spend three days at Lazy Jakes in San Juan, although we had heard amazing things about Casa De Olas, although at the time we understood that they didn’t accept reservations; we decided that we’d wing it and give it a go and hope we could get in. We managed to grab a bumpy ride from San Jorge to the Casa; whilst we were winding up the hill leading to Casa De Olas we were greeted with the most amazing views of the coast of San Juan. We pulled up beside the Casa; I jumped out of the car and was immediately overwhelmed with the beautiful infinity pool, I wandered up to the bar, asked for a couple of beds for three days, we were in luck, we were in! Unbeknown to us at the time of booking, there wasn’t a chance in hell that we would only be staying there for three days; what we didn’t realise at the time was the Casa De Olas held some of the best people we could hope to meet whilst travelling and provided us with the most amazing memories.


Sinking Nicaraguan Sun

Sinking Nicaraguan Sun

Casa de Olas like I said is a beautiful, but it’s also a little slice of home; it’s owned by Fred and Carla who have turned the place into something of a haven to travellers. There are beautiful home cooked meals; which the whole hostel eats together, family meal style, there’s one round bar which the guests can drink around, to follow the family feel of the hostel there’s a no phone or tablet policy round the bar so everyone gets to chat to one another, to top it all off, they have a beautiful live in monkey called Buzz who they rescued as a baby. It is here that Lauren and I met some seriously beautiful people, round the bar, sinking rum and beer, laughing at the story of Buzz the Monkey and a hostel guest (I’ll leave the story out of this and only for the memory of those who already know). From the first day we felt at home here, we settled down to watch a movie after the hot Nicaraguan sun had melted into the horizon. The relaxing night didn’t last for long, Lauren, myself and a couple of other friends from the hostel ended up in at the party hostel next door, drinking rum and lazing under the stars, I felt completely at ease in this beautiful town, looking over the hilltops towards the ocean, the view melted into darkness as we welcomed our first night at Casa De Olas.

photo 1

I loved this place


Coming up next: Partying and Playing in San Juan Del Sur


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