Euphoria of Travelling

Do What Makes You Happy

Travel makes me happy. Okay, that isn’t a surprise since I’m writing a blog about travelling, but it makes me really happy, insanely happy, I feel euphoric when I know I’ll be exploring a different part of the world. I honestly believe that the euphoric feeling I get from travelling is a large reason of what makes it so addictive to me. There were times I was sitting under a canopy of stars in Thailand last year and I could feel that amazing golden glow of pure happiness rise up in my stomach until it was coursing through my veins, I knew in that moment, I was infinitely happy. I was free, I literally had the world at my feet and I was doing what I had always dreamt about doing – Travelling.

I had this feeling a many a time whilst I was in Thailand, I had it when I went to the Alps (I mean seriously, just look above) and stood under the shadow of the great mountains. But, nothing could compare to the amazing feeling of pure euphoria I felt when I flew over Nicaragua and saw my first volcano rising up from the mist below me; I knew in that moment that Central America was going to be magical, but I had no idea just how much it would change my life (Okay, yes this is stereotypical but I’ll discuss this at a later time). By this point I had been travelling for two days, I had spent one freezing night exploring New York, had slept on the cold floor of JFK, had an overpriced, but very nice coffee in Miami, I hadn’t slept properly in 30 hours. By the time I got to Central America, I was exhausted and hungry, I am surprised I greeted it with such optimism. But there’s something kind of magical about flying over Jungle, craters and volcanoes that makes you realise that we are a very small part of this earth, who cares about my exhaustion or the fact that I hadn’t eaten? Not me, especially when I had this view to contend with.


 I was elated, I sat there on my own, descending into Managua Airport with a massive smile on my face, I was itching to get off of the plane and find my friend Lauren (who I was travelling through C.America with). I’m sure I looked slightly insane, staring out of the window with a smile so big on my face that it could rival the Cheshire Cats, but I didn’t care. All I knew was that the following three weeks were going to be amazing, and I was going to enjoy every single moment of it. The following posts will be about our (mine and Lauren’s) adventure through Central America, I hope I can do that amazing part of the world justice. Next stop, Granada.


10 thoughts on “Euphoria of Travelling

  1. sianderulo says:

    I know exactly how you feel about travelling. All my life, it’s been all i’ve ever wanted to do, but i’m so consumed in college work and not having enough money i struggle to travel, and when i’m able to I have no one to come with me. (my parents won’t let me go on my own as i’m 17) well anyway, i really enjoyed your blog and was wondering if you could check mine out and maybe give it a follow!? well, take care! xx

  2. janstring says:

    Hi Hannah,
    I feel very similar to you – The first time I saw a Grapefruit tree in Hervey Bay, Australia I cried my eyes out and ran to get my kids and husband to see it. They all looked at me a bit bemusedly. In that moment, it was THE most wonderful thing in the world. I didn’t know they grew on trees and I was able to see, touch and feel them. Mad huh!

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